Responsible materials of our products

At Your Lookbook sustainability is not just a buzzword, we are well aware of the negative social and environmental impacts the fashion industry has.

While we know that being 100% sustainable is challenging, our main objective is to reduce the environmental footprint of our products choosing when possible eco-conscious material like organic cotton, recycled polyester and sustainable fibers.

We keep exploring additional eco-friendly fabrics from suppliers and trade shows and we buy fabrics ourselves which we then deliver to our suppliers/ atelier.

In this case we keep the fabric quality control by prioritizing options that are less resource-intensive and certified to industry standards as preferred and low-impact fabrications.


 In our latest Spring/Summer 2023 collection, 22% of the fabrics are (partly or fully) more sustainable. Our goal is to achieve 50% by 2026. To reach this target, we are currently exploring new alternatives for our best-selling products.  

More responsible materials

Responsible materials of our products

 There is always room for improvement, and we are constantly making changes to do so, as polyester is a petroleum-based synthetic fiber and as the use of polyester, recycled or not, involves micro plastic release into the oceans, we are trying to decrease our use of polyester in favor of viscose.

Our “blue” denim, produced in an environmentally friendly way, with significant water and energy savings, uses stones to finish our denim wear.

We continue searching to more environmentally denim manufacturer that uses computer-driven laser technology without water and chemicals.Working with vegan leather and have banned fur in all our collections and a number of our styles are made of recycled materials, including recycled polyester, polyamide, viscose, wool and cotton. 

 Responsible materials of our products

 We welcome feedback and ideas on how we can enhance our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. Will be our pleasure to hear from you :

We still have a long way to go, but we are working hard to
make a positive difference. 







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